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Designed for those who want to LIVE and LOVE their life. This is the GVB project
Hi. My name is Greg van Bergen, and I am a life transiiton coach. I work with individuals who have reached a pivoting point in their lives where they no longer want to continue down the same path they are currently on. 
I started the GVB Project to help other people to develop a vision to create the life(style) they really want, and be there to help them along the way as they bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be.
While it's easy to say that we are going to change “this thing” in our lives, often the reality we are left with is the new year’s resolutions that never realise its potential.
The Human Happiness Project recently interviewed breakthrough coach Greg van Bergen from
the GVB project on what happiness means to him?
It starts with a VISION...

I believe in the power of coaching so much that I personally seek coaches to help and challenge the way I approach my life. That's how it all started with me. You can read my story here. And now my mission is to to help individuals who want to design their vision -- and then live! -- a life they adore. 

"It doesn't have to be that way".
This is a quote I say almost daily to my clients, friends, family and to myself. Why? Because I have been there and I believe it. And because you have more to offer the world than you think…and I believe coaching makes real change happen.
There is no formula or one-size fits all program to how I coach. When you work with me I dedicate my time getting down to the nitty-gritty to challenge and help you embrace your vision. Fearlessly overcome hurdles, achieve a remarkable pivot and make a transition in your life.
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I help people create their dreams. I help people make moves. 


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"Greg, I think one of the most exceptional and rare qualities you have is how understanding you are. You just get things and I feel like I could talk about anything with you. You have a vision of what things can look like. Working with you helped me to develop confidence and push me to do things I never thought possible. You are always helping me discover myself"

- Amy Harrington (Client)