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Creative breakthrough coaching with
the GVB project and stop living the way others want you to live.

You want to make meaningful and significant change in your life? Then you are going to have to work for it. Yes, that's right - YOU! Coaching may be the way to get you unstuck and to take action.
Let's not dance around this subject. There are no magical cures and certainly no quick fixes to making life changes a reality. But you already know that, don't you? So why bother? The simple answer is because you're worth it. ​You are ready! You are capable! I have been there before. Making changes wont be an easy process. But I can tell you from experience it is definitely worth it and I want to help. That is the whole reason why I started coaching: TO HELP OTHERS BREAK THROUGH. 

I am a passionate creative-minded human being who helps people explore themselves through creative means. Developing your creative muscle (especially if you think you have lost it) is a great way to unlock what is holding you back.  I work closely with individuals like yourself who are dedicated to catapulting themselves through vulnerability to empower and re-design their future the way they have always intended.  YOUR LIFE MATTERS.
Hi, I am Greg van Bergen and this is the GVB project.
​"I'm an intellegent, amibitious, hard-working person yet I find myself at a crossroads. The way I currently lead my life isn't fulfilling. Something needs to change, but I want to get it right? I'm stuck and I'm unhappy".
Does this sound like you?​​​

I help people get unstuck. I help people make moves. 

Coaching with Greg van Bergen
I only work one-on-one with a handful of hard-working, dedicated individuals at a time to ensure that my connection and coaching has the greatest impact.
Through a process that builds your creative muscle and allows you to imagine your future, my combination of weekly skype/in-person coaching sessions and on-going email suppport will help you get unstuck. We will work together to get down to the nitty-gritty. Through a series of tailor-made creative projects, you will take action, learn to make your own choices and begin to re-build the human being you were always meant to be. 
I'm sure you want to know more about me and how my coaching can help you so... 

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"Greg, I think one of the most exceptional and rare qualities you have is how understanding you are. You just get things and I feel like I could talk about anything with you. You have a vision of what things can look like. Working with you helped me to develop confidence and push me to do things I never thought possible. You are always helping me discover myself"

- Amy Harrington (Client) .