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the GVB project


A place where ordinary people become super-heros and take action on their life.
Welcome to  the GVB project
The GVB Project sparks creative and inspiring breakthroughs in ordinary people who have reached a pivoting point in their lives where they can no longer continue down the same path they are currently on. 

Not satisfied with the traditional "life coach" framework, Greg van Bergen sets out to change the way people live their lives by creating an interactive coaching experience that transforms the struggles of  everyday living into purposeful and powerful life choices.
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the GVB project story

Imagine this. You are automatically enrolled at birth in the “School of Life”. You have no choice in this matter. On the first day, you are given an assignment, a “project" to complete. You can’t even understand it. Your brain hasn’t even developed enough to comprehend what you are meant to do or how to do it. Yet, you manage to press on and make a start. Over time it feels like the other students are somehow cheating, or getting an undue advantage, but you keep going, doing the best you can.
In the playground, you want to make friends, you want to fit in and sometimes do anything to be part of the "cool group”. You may even cheat, copy, lie in order to be seen as doing a better “project”. The stress and the anxiety to get it right can be overwhelming. You may even give up. 
Its completion date varies from one student to the next. This doesn’t seem fair in itself, yet once again you keep going.
If you are fortunate enough there will be a point in time where you get the chance to have a final look-over your project. 
I imagine mine to be presented on an oversized brightly coloured multimedia-enabled poster card (like a large, thin flexible touch screen). Perhaps by the time I get to review my project, such a product will exist. I imagine holding it up, arms stretched in front of me with the proudest childlike grin for the final photograph.
The title in large bold writing will read: “The GVB Project”.
The only rule no one will tell you when creating your project is that you cannot erase any previous workings. You will certainly discover this the hard way. It will suck, it will hurt and you will do it again. I like to think that if you only have one "mid-life crisis" in your project, then you're not having enough. When you reflect and re-assess your project, you have the chance to steer it in the direction you want. 
One of my favourite quotes is, "You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole journey that way" (E.L. Doctorow).
I have no interest in The GVB Project being better than anyone else’s project. In fact, The GVB Project is about helping you with yours. 

- Greg van Bergen

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